What is Bitcoin Forks? List of Upcoming Bitcoin Forks in 2018

The Bitcoin Forks is a change to the digital currency software which creates two distinct versions of the blockchain. The Bitcoin Forks can be temporary or permanent split in the bitcoin network creating two separate versions of the blockchain. When Bitcoin Forks occurs, two different digital currencies will be created. Depending on the nature of change, the bitcoin forks can be classified into two types

  1. Hard Fork and
  2. Soft Fork

Hard Fork: The Hard Fork requires all nodes and users to upgrade their protocol software to the latest version. It is a permanent divergence from the previous version of the Blockchain, and the newest version will no longer accept nodes running the previous versions. It is a radical shift to the protocol which makes the past transactions invalid. Hard Fork is usually done only when there is enough mining community support. Only when the majority of miners give positive signal towards the fork, the chain developers start working on the upgraded code. Typically, the support should come from 90-95% of the miners.

Hard Fork

Hard Fork

Soft Fork: The soft fork occurs when there is change to software protocol keeps it backwards compatible. It means the new forked chain will obey the new rules. Soft Fork needs only a majority of the miners upgrading to enforce the new regulations. A soft fork can also occur at times due to a temporary divergence in the Blockchain when miners using non-upgraded nodes violate a new consensus rule their nodes don’t know about.

Soft Fork

Soft Fork

List of Upcoming Bitcoin Forks in 2018

Here we listed out the upcoming bitcoin forks of 2018 and beyond

1. Super Bitcoin

Super Bitcoin 

Super Bitcoin


Value of Super Bitcoin: 1BTC = 1SBTC

Changes made in Super Bitcoin: Smart Contracts, 8 MB Block Size, Lightning Network

2. BitcoinX




Value of BitcoinX: 1BTC = 10,000BCX

Changes Made in BitcoinX: Segwit, Smart Contract, DPOS Consensus, Lightning Network, Crosschain Technology Data

3. Bitcoin Platinum

Bitcoin Platinum

Bitcoin Platinum


Value of Bitcoin Platinum: 1BTC= 1BTP

Changes Made in Bitcoin Platinum: Block Time of 2.5 Minutes, SegWit2x, No Pre-Mine

4. Bitcoin Cash Plus

Bitcoin Cash Plus

Bitcoin Cash Plus


Value of Bitcoin Cash Plus: 1BTC = 1BCP

Changes Made in Bitcoin Cash Plus: SigHash, Block Size of 8MB, No Pre-mine

5. Bitcoin Atom

Bitcoin Atom

Bitcoin Atom


Value of Bitcoin Atom: 1BTC = 1BCA

Changes Made in Bitcoin Atom: Lightning Network, Hybrid Consensus, Hash-time locked contracts

6. United Bitcoin

United Bitcoin

United Bitcoin


Value of United Bitcoin: 1BTC = 1UB

Changes Made in United Bitcoin: Segwit, Lightning Network, No Pre-mine, Smart Contracts, Block Size of 8MB

7. Bitcoin Oil


Value of Bitcoin Oil: 1BTC = 1OBTC

Changes Made in Bitcoin Oil: Proof of Stake, 1.5 Minute Block Interval, Block Size of 2MB, No pre-mine

8. Bitcoin Stake

Bitcoin Stake

Bitcoin Stake


Value of Bitcoin Stake: 1BTC = 100BTCS

Changes Made in Bitcoin Stake: Stake Consensus Proof

9. Bitcoin Top


Value of Bitcoin Top: 1BTC = 1BTT

Changes Made on Bitcoin Top: Segwit, Block Size of 8MB, Replay Protection

10. Bitcoin Pizza

Bitcoin Pizza

Bitcoin Pizza


Value of Bitcoin Pizza: 1BTC = 1BPA

Changes Made in Bitcoin Pizza: DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph Technology)

We will update the list as more occur, for now, this is the list of upcoming Bitcoin forks from January 2018, and beyond. Further queries about Bitcoin Forks, please comment below.

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