What is Bitcoin Client? List of Top 9 Available Bitcoin Clients

A Bitcoin Client is a program that you can download and use on your computer to store, receive and send Bitcoins. Bitcoin Client is an end user software which facilitates the private key generation, payment sending on behalf of a private key and security for Bitcoin transactions. It also provides information about the state of the Bitcoin transactions and the information related to the private keys. Bitcoin Client which implements the full Bitcoin network protocol is considered to be safer, and powerful attackers can’t as easily track them. They will always use the correct block chain and will never allow double-spends or invalid transactions to existing in the block chain under any situations. Some of the Bitcoin clients trust one or more remote servers to guard them against double-spends and other network attacks. Some of the Bitcoin Clients may also require you to download and test a significant amount of data before you can buy or sell Bitcoins.

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Bitcoin Client

Bitcoin Client

List of top 10 Available Bitcoin Client

1. Airbitz

Bitcoin Client


Click here to download Airbitz

Airbitz is an android and iOS based Bitcoin Client and merchant location service located in San Diego, CA.

2. Armory

Bitcoin Client


Click here to download Armory

It is an open-source, Python-based and wallet-management application used for the Bitcoin network.

3. Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Client

Bitcoin Core

Click here to download Bitcoin Core

It can be utilized as a desktop Bitcoin Client for the regular Bitcoin payments or as a server utility for the merchants and other payment services.

4. Bitcoin Wallet

Click here to download Bitcoin Wallet for Android

Click here to download Bitcoin Wallet for Blackberry

Bitcoin Wallet is an open-source and free wallet implementation for the Android runtime. On Android devices, it requires the android version of 4.0+, and it requires the OS of 10+ in blackberry devices.

5. Blocktrail

Bitcoin Client


Click here to download Blocktrail

Blocktrail’s Bitcoin Client emphasizes unparalleled security through Multi-Signature technology, holding you in full control of your bitcoins at all time. Transactions are signed on your device, so it will never see your private keys.

6. Electrum

Bitcoin Client


Click here to download Electrum

Electrum is one of the popular Bitcoin Clients, and it is fast, secure and easy to use. It suits the requirements of the full spectrum of many users.

7. GreenAddress

Bitcoin Client


Click here to download GreenAddress for Chrome

Click here to download GreenAddress for Android

GreenAddress Wallet delivers the most advanced protection level to your bitcoins without sacrificing the usability or control.

8. MultiBit

Bitcoin Client


Click here to download Multibit

MultiBit Wallet is a lightweight “thin client” Bitcoin client for Windows, MacOS, and Linux based on bitcoinj.

9. Mycelium

Bitcoin Client


Click here to download Mycelium for iOS Devices

Click here to download Mycelium for Android Devices

Click here to download Mycelium directly for Android Devices

With the Mycelium Bitcoin client, you can send and receive Bitcoins by using your smart phones. The unparalleled cold storage functionality will help you to secure your funds until you are ready to spend them.

These are the top 9 Bitcoin clients that are available to store your bitcoins. For further queries about Bitcoin Client, please comment below.

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