VPN Security | Advantages and Disadvantages of Using VPN Security

What is VPN?

VPN Security – Virtual Private Network allows computers or entire networks to connect each other over the internet securely.

For Example, you have an office in Chicago and it needs to connect the post in Washington D.C safely you need to use VPN. VPN is a client-server architecture. So you have a VPN server, and VPN clients and the software allows the VPN clients to connect to the VPN server securely.

In this post, we are going to know about clients and servers and also how it works?

VPN is not that much complicated to understand how VPN works. The user will just need to click Connect button to connect to VPN. But stuff behind this connection is much more complicated.

VPN Security – VPN stands for virtual private network. VPN adds security to protect you. It also creates privacy for your computer and from public networks like wifi, hotspot, etc., It connects the computer to the private network.

VPN Security

How VPN Works?

Origin Of Internet:

Before going into VPN, you need to know how the internet works and how it was created in which place, etc., The internet was created by the U.S military so that the army try to maintain communications during the time of the massive nuclear attack. At that point how would military units communicate with each other? The reason that they worried about because in the old style of communication, basically without telephonic systems. Everything is communicating through central hubs. So now take one person in Chicago and another one person in D.C your telephone communication will go through central offices to get the D.C. In the normal day, this type of communication is fine.

The problem in this is one of the central offices taken off by a nuclear warhead there is no way to read out this communication to get the D.C easily. Hence, the Soviet could bomb us, and if they could destroy few of this central offices, our communication structure will fall. The military units in the west coast talk to the military units on the east coast that a bad thing. Therefore, in this situation what the military want has they wanted a way to communicate that would be self-healing. So that very easily quickly if the central hub was destroyed then whole communication will shut off. Then they came out with the idea internet. The internet communication is routed through the things called Routers.

VPN Security

Origin of Internet

For Example

If you are in the U.S may 100 or 1000 or more than that Router will be there. Now take you are using the internet to communicate somebody in the D.C, your communication will go through any number of routers randomly to reach D.C. Now the question arises why randomly. When one of the routers gets destroyed, then the router will automatically connect to any other router.

The next question is through internet communication, what is the problem ?. Assume your communicating through many routers which are placed in all areas. These routers have direct data going through them. One router will send data to the next router if the router having the data is hacked then easily they can collect all the data which you send the email or anything confidential information. Hacking means the man in the middle of the communication will get the data.

For our data and computer security point of view, this is very very insecure when we get into these routers. Your privacy will destroy, and all the data will be hacked.

So to built a security and also to improve our privacy they came up with the VPN (Virtual Private Network). This VPN allows you to connect to the internet securely. How did VPN do this?

Working Of VPN And Its Security:

VPN using the Tunnelling protocol, so when you connect two computers, the tunnelling protocol sets up a tunnel between those two computers. Inside this tunnel, they encrypt all information to create the tunnel, and it will send. The reason behind this is, if suppose a hacker is trying to get the data then the tunnel will block them and protect your data. But if the hacker is well trained they can break the tube and be trying to grab the data they can’t open it because the data are encrypted already.

Now that the third thing which makes very very secure. The cold part of the VPN tunnelling protocol is when a hacker tries to penetrate in one of the routers. Then the tunnel will detect the penetration automatically, then the tunnel will shut itself down and will recreate its way of communication through another set of routers. So the hacker will able to track your data and grab. It is how the VPN works.

VPN Security

Tor + VPN

Why Should We Use VPN Security?

In the original Internet, we need security to communicate each other and to protect our data. VPN is a client-server technology. It means one server will provide the service and if you have a client, you can connect them to the server to get the service. What VPN does?

For Example: Assume a VPN server is in your office then you are going to connect with that. Now you have a client. Then the client will directly connect to our office servers. Now you are going to turn on the VPN client on your computer then you should give the IP address of your VPN to the client. Then the client will put the server IP address in the URL tab then they can connect to our server by giving some unique identification like username and password.

VPN Security

Use VPN to secure your activities

The companies which have VPN software – IBM, Microsoft, Google, etc.

There a lot of VPN is provided by many private companies, but it’s hard to choose which VPN is best. To make it easier, we are providing a ranking for top most VPN provider of the world. This list was prepared by our team after many research and analyse.

Read the Security Guide for Deep Web as well.

TOR Through VPN:

In this method, you connect your VPN server and then to the TOR network before accessing the internet.

Your Computer —>VPN—>TOR

VPN Security

VPN server + TOR adds additional security to your Internet activities

Some providers are setting up these things easy.

  • Your ISP will not know that you are using Tor (although it can know that you are using VPN)
  • The Tor entry node will not see your true IP address, but the IP address of the VPN server. If you use a good no-logs provider, this can provide a meaningful additional layer of security
  • It allows access to Tor hidden services (.onion websites).
  • Your VPN provider knows your real IP address
  • No protection from malicious Tor exit nodes. Non-SSL traffic entering and leaving Tor exit nodes is unencrypted and could be monitored
  • Tor exit nodes are often blocked
  • We should note that using a Tor bridge such as Obfsproxy can also be effective at hiding Tor use from your ISP (although a determined ISP could, in theory, use deep packet inspection to detect Tor traffic).

Why Should All Hide Their IP Address?

  • VPN hides your IP. If it is difficult, then VPN will borrow IP from another country and show that as your IP, this will change frequently.
  • Each communication device will assign with numerical internet protocol (IP) which helps to track your location and device. While accessing any website online, the web host can see the activity of your computer.
  • The Internet is not what it used to be- several limitations and dangers lurk online.

Importance OF VPN Security:

Your IP is being watched! And your system seems to be unprotected. It is quite Dangerous. If you try to access the Deep/Dark Web without running a VPN on your system, then you may land in huge trouble.

  • You are unsafe to visit the Deep/Dark Web.
  • Always don’t get compromise with your online Anonymity

Hide your IP immediately. But it’s not that much easy to find best VPN service, so to make it easy our expert team after an extensive research finds you the best result. We always recommend you to use NORD VPN to get the best anonymity for your system.

VPN Security

Importance of VPN Security

Why Should You Use a VPN Security?

  • Hide your activity from your Internet Service Provider.
  • Protect yourself when using a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • You get to keep your searches private.
  • Browse websites without leaving a trace of your identity.
  • Access to streaming, wherever you are.
VPN Security

VPN Secures your activities online

  • Stay safe from snoopers looking to access your information.
  • Access websites that are not available to IP address’s geographic location.
  • Access to internet freedom.
  • You can by-pass surveillance and national internet censorship.
  • You can by-pass school or workplace restrictions.

What are The Advantages You Get While Using VPN

  • You can download anything without LE or your ISP knowing and logging.
  • Access blocked sites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter etc., if the sites are blocked in your countries.
  • You can access GEO blocked content like different versions of Netflix, HULU, HBO NOW, BBC, Spotify, Pandora Radio.
  • You can hide your IP address from hackers, malware software’s and it provides safe to you.
  • There are no access restrictions; you can access everything by using a VPN.
  • Your information will be encrypted, which means that if someone access to get information about you, it will be unreadable.
  • If you choose a VPN that doesn’t keep logs, then you can able to hide all your information from your ISP, because ISP is cooperating with
  • FBI, NSA and other LE agencies. If your activity on the internet is suspicious, then you will get monitored. So use VPN to
  • FBI, NSA and other LE agencies. If your activity on the internet is suspicious, then you will get monitored. So use VPN to browse safely and avoid getting caught from LE and other agencies.
VPN Security

Secured way of accessing the internet

Security Tips For Deep Web Users

Before accessing any deep web or dark websites, we strongly recommend you to use VPN security. We also recommend you to use only guaranteed browsers like TOR to access the .onion sites. Use VPN with TOR browser for more security.

Tips for beginners:

  • Download and install TOR browser on your system, use TOR browser to access Dark web or deep web sites.
  • If you are using Windows operating system, then use VPN security for more security and privacy, because Windows operating system has more loopholes that may result in some bad scenario.
  • Before accessing deep web links or .onion sites always disable javascript.

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