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The deep web is the underground internet or the portion of the internet which cannot be indexed by normal search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. In fact, the Deep web is very much bigger than you might realize. In fact, significant sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and everything else you find on the normal search engine make up less than 1% of the internet. The most secretive section in the deep web is known as the darknet, and you’ll need to download Tor to access it. Many people around the world use deep web search engines to buy illegal drugs, weapons, stolen credit card details and much more from the darknet marketplaces. But deep web search engines like Torch Search Engine also provides several educational articles, hidden academic journals, and much more news around the world.

Torch Search Engine

Torch Search Engine

What is Torch Search Engine?

Torch Search Engine is one of the largest deep web search engines, and it claims to have an index of more than a billion hidden page results. It is also one of the oldest search engines, but still around for a good reason. As the deep web is entirely unindexed by the famous search engines like google and yahoo, tor search engines like Torch can crawl its spiders on .onion links and index them with ease. Tor Search Engine is very fast in indexing the new content in the tor network within a day. When comes to the security measure, you have to protect yourself while accessing the deep web. Otherwise, the unauthorised entry to your personal information is possible. Take a look at how to protect yourself with a VPN. Over the years, many users use Torch Search Engine deep web for searching the darknet marketplaces, and it serves nearly 80000 requests daily. Currently,  434838 indexed onion pages are found in Torch Search Engine.

Torch Search Engine

Statistics of Torch Search Engine Usage in August 2016

Torch Search Engine URL: http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/

(Note: Users must have to install deep web browsers or dark web browsers to access the Torch search engine link, as the standard browsers cannot access them.)

Usage Conditions for the advertisers in Torch Search Engine

If you have an own .onion domain, you can advertise in Torch to offer a service like deep web hosting and other kinds of stuff.

  • It recommends using the external and well-known escrow services to sell your products.
  • Before publishing, the advertisers must have plausible proof of their activity, photographs of their products, customer’s feedback with pictures, etc.,
  • Torch Search Engine doesn’t mediate any transaction between buyer and vendor.
  • The advertisers must not discredit each other on their respective websites during their campaigns.
  • Torch Search Engine doesn’t refund scammed buyers, and it also doesn’t have any responsibility if any scam takes place.
  • If the advertisement in Torch is verified as a scam, then the scamming Ad will be removed, and the advertiser won’t be able to do any business in Torch again.
  • The banners that are going to be placed must not contain the similar design to the advertisements which are published already.

Payment conditions for the Advertisement in Torch Search Engine

  • The Payment method for the advertisement in Torch will be made through the Bitcoin Transfer.
  • One-month prepayment before the advertisement is published on the web.
  • The advertisement will be published on the web once the bitcoin transaction is validated.
  • Every bitcoin transfer will be done to different bitcoin address which will be sent you to email before the payment, and the address will not be used again.

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