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What is Red Room?

Red Room is an urban legend, entirely in Japan. It is an interactive Adobe Flash horror animation. Red Room is a live video streaming onion site with an option of live IRC chats. Red room Deep Web Link generally contains torture and horrible murder, which is done by the commands given by dark web user or some evil person. The evil person will pay to torture persons online which will be telecasted live to the evil person.

Red Room of Pain – Red Room Deep Web

  • Red room
  • deep web red room
  • The red room is also called as a Red room of pain.

In Red Room the user has to pay money to the site owner and then the user will get access to torture the blind folded person in the live video. The user can give commands to torture as per their wish. If they pay more money they can torture as much they want. For example, the action can be cutting body parts, torture or even subject to death.

All the transaction will take place through bitcoin wallet. There are several sites naming themselves as red room, but they are all scams. But there are also some most dangerous sites that should be avoided.

What Happens in a Red Room?

  • Initially, you have to finish the login process, after logging into a red room you will see a harassment scenario like a girl tied up by a rope in a chair.
  • Once the Chat or Red Room Video Link gets locked; there begins the Cruelty for Psychics.
  • As the webcam will be placed for sure in the Crime Scenario; the actions will get reflected according to the charts in the IRC channel.
  • Then the user has to send his/her email id to the website owner.
  • The website owner will send a link to the user where the payments should be made.
  • After making the payment the user will receive a link to access the red room.
  • After entering the password given the user will enter into the red room where you can see some person whose face is hidden by a mask.
  • Then the user will demand by commanding to torture, cut body parts etc.,
  • The more you pay the money, the more you can torture.
  • I referred to some sites and I got to know that there are two real red rooms in the deep web, they are as follows.
  • One is of ISIS saying that they will behead the Turkish soldier on some specific date and specific time and it will be live. Other is more horrific than this also.
  • The second case is “The daisy destruction” which shook the internet world and it is one of the most horrific cases until now of child abuse.

Is it Illegal to Access the Red Room?

It is not illegal to be in a red room, but I suggest that don’t access the sites and get caught by public virtual crime. There are some scam sites you may cross in the deep web, but those sites are just a scam and you may lose your money in those sites.

Some researchers in Red Room and deep web say that “there are no real red rooms in deep web sites, but don’t try to access those sites.” I also convey the same, that please don’t access those sites because you may undergo some severe damage.

Real Life Incidents and Damages Happened Due to Red Room

Sasebo Slashing – A 11-year-old girl killed a 12-year-old female classmate. The murder occurred on June 1, 2004, at an elementary school in the city of Sasebo in Nagasaki Prefecture. The murderer slit Mitarai’s(murdered girl) throat and arms with a utility knife.

It happened because of the flash video by some pop up’s on the internet taken her to the fake red room and the 11-year-old girl started loving the video which made her kill her classmate.

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