List of Top 5 Deep Web Hacker Forums to Learn Hacking

Deep Web Hacker Forums: Deep Web Hacker Forums are the forums created with the aim of discussing the topics related to the hackers. The most important thing that you can learn on Deep Web Hacker Forums is how to remain anonymous on the internet while accessing the deep web. By using these forums, you can learn to hack, get tools, news of whats going on out there, stolen data’s, new vulnerabilities, patches or the anything that relates to the hackers or the person who wants to be a hacker. If you are confused with choosing the best Deep Web Hacker Forum, then check out below to find out the best Deep Web hacker forums to learn hacking and much more.

Top 5 Deep Web Hacker Forums

(Note: Before accessing these Deep Web hacker forums, secure yourself with Tor Browser and a Good VPN).

5. 0x00sec

0x00sec Websitehttp://hackerw6dcplg3ej.onion/

0x00sec covers everything about hacking from basics to advanced level. Even though the forum doesn’t have millions of hits, we can’t determine its quality with that. It is free to join and sign up on this forum. 0x00sec Deep Web hacker forum is pretty active, and its threads are almost never older than 48 hours. With time, it can be one of the best deep web forums for the people who want to be a hacker.

0x00sec Deep Web Forum

0x00sec Deep Web Forum

4. Website

It is a Russian forum and language is not an issue with this forum, as you turn translate it to English with ease. When comes to content, it contains everything from bluejacking to cryptography. Apart from knowledge-oriented things, this Deep Web Forum also have “purchase/sale” thread with more than 2,10,000 replies.

3. Hak5 Forums

Hack5 Forums Website

The Hak5 Forums is found and run by the hackers all around the world. The renowned security expert, Darren Kitchen is found to be one of the administrators for this forum. By using this forum, you can stumble upon a new hack/tool almost every weak. The “Question thread” in this forum is beneficial, with nearly 60,000 questions. They also have “Leaderboard” with the members to interact actively on the forum.

Hak5 Deep Web Forum

Hak5 Deep Web Forum

2. Hack This Site

Hack This Site Website

The name itself explains it is a legal hacker’s forum which provides tutorials, tips, tricks and tools for the purpose of hacking education. It contains every aspect of the element, from hardcore penetration to social engineering. Posting “Need a Virus” or “Need to hack XXX Account” or anything like that is illegal on this forum. By posting like this, you will be banned from accessing this forum.

Hack This Site Deep Web Forum

Hack This Site Deep Web Forum

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1. KickAss

KickAss Websitehttp://kickassugvgoftuk.onion/

It is the best deep web hacking forum used for malware, exploits, and accounts. You can join the forum only when administrator accepts your approval. Things that you can find on KickAss Deep Web Forum:

  • Basics
  • Malware
  • Server Hacking
  • Anonymity
  • Password cracking
  • Hacking of Smart Phone
  • Reverse Engineering and much more.
KickAss Deep Web Forum

KickAss Deep Web Forum

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