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Tor is free software and the most popular tool which provides anonymous communication. With the Tor Browser, you can access the hidden sites of the darknet privately and securely. From its release, there was a lot of confusion about how Tor works and everyone things Tor Browser has a reputation for online black markets, adult related websites, criminal rings and much more. But, more than selling illegal drugs and weapons, there are a lot of things associated with the Tor Browser. Here are some of the Top 10 Tor Facts that everyone should know.

Top 10 Tor Facts

Top 10 Tor Facts

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Top 10 Tor Facts Everyone Should Know

Here are the top 10 Tor Facts that everyone should know

Tor Facts 1: There is a difference between Tor Network and Tor Browser. Tor Network is a group of volunteer running the particular network, while Tor Browser is a software which enables the anonymous connection.

Tor Facts 2: Most of the people believes that the criminals and pedophiles only use tor Browser. It is simply False! Tor Browser is also used by the activists to circumvent censorship. The Military people also use Tor for secure communication.

Tor Facts 3: As per the reports of Tor Project, Tor Browser is used by nearly 2 million people on a daily basis.

Tor Facts 4: Initially, the U.S. Government had an important role in the creation of Tor Network. In 1990, the technology and Onion Routing was used by the U.S. Navy to protect the intelligence communications.

Tor Facts 5: Most of us believes that the Military creates tor Browser and it has a military backdoor. But there is no backdoor in Tor Network. Even though, US Navy funded for the initial development of Tor, it was audited by smart cryptographers and security professionals who confirmed that there is no backdoor in Tor Network.

Top 10 Tor Facts

Top 10 Tor Facts

Tor Facts 6: Using Tor Network will lead to some problems if you misuse it. So it is essential to keep your software up to date. Make sure that, if you log into services like Google and Facebook over Tor, those services will see your communications within your system. The Person who can look at both sides of your connection may perform a statical analysis to verify that the traffic belongs to you.

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Tor Facts 7: Due to its anonymity mechanism, Tor Network will slow down your internet. But the Tor Team has done much to speed up its connections.

Tor Facts 8: The Hidden Tor Services accounts only for 1.5 percent of Tor’s Traffic and the rest of the traffic accounts for normal websites, so-called Surface Web.

Tor Facts 9: More than online black markets, Tor offers vital legitimate services like WikiLeaks, ProtonMail and much more.

Tor Facts 10: In October 2014, Facebook Engineers released Tor-friendly version of Facebook, facebookcorewwwi.onion. It is a hidden site which allows Tor users to access the social network anonymously.

These are the Top 10 Tor Facts that everyone should know. For further queries about Facts about Tor Browser, please comment below.

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