Top 10 Deep Web Facts Everyone Should Know | Facts About Deep Web

The Way how the Internet is tied to every aspect of our life, it is tough to think what we did for all those times before it comes. The internet is a great thing, but it also has some limitations. The Deep Web or Hidden Web or Deep net has plenty of content to offer the people who are bored with the regular internet. The Deep Web is an underground web which operates differently from the regular internet or Surface web. Selling and buying illegal drugs is the most innocuous thing you can do it on Deep Web. In Deep Web, everything is anonymous, so some seriously heinous stuff’s will goes down there. To access these hidden websites (powered by high-level domain .onion URLs), you will need Dark Web browser to protect your identity and IP address. Just read on, and you will learn a whole bunch of things or deep web facts that you never heard before.

Deep Web Facts

Deep Web Facts

Top 10 Interesting Deep Web Facts | Facts about Deep Web

Deep Web Facts 1 – As you never heard about Deep Web before, it contains nearly 500 billion pages which are one million higher than the pages on the regular internet. These numbers are calculated in the year 2003, so just imagine how many pages will be present on the deep web now.

Deep Web Facts 2 – There are plenty of illegal or banned things are available on the Deep Web. For eg., you can find those books which are banned around some parts of the world. Deep Web also contains credit card number, fake passports, weed, Stolen Netflix Accounts, Stolen credit card details, bitcoin lottery tickets, horrifying silicon masks, fake certificates, weapons, drugs and much more. On Deep Web, you can also find a numerous number of best hackers around the world.

Deep Web Facts 3 – The Deep websites are entirely different from the regular internet. So users must need special deep web browsers like Tor browser to access the Deep Web sites or hidden sites. The TOR browser will hide your IP address and provides you complete anonymity.

Deep Web Facts 4 – Along with the weapons and drugs, you can also get the fake ID that you need very badly. You can get the fake ID easily on the deep web with the help of the money. Nothing is free in the deep web, just like in real life.

Facts about Deep Web

Facts about Deep Web

Deep Web Facts 5 – In the Deep Web, you can’t use your credit cards, debit cards and cash to buy the things. You must need bitcoin to purchase anything on the deep web. Initially, Bitcoins was developed for transactions which took place on the Deep Web.

Deep Web Facts 6 – While surfing on the Deep Web, you must have to be very careful. Otherwise, you will find the end of your computer’s life with just one wrong click. Hackers are all over the deep web. They will create the posts with the links that looks very enticing to get the people to click on them.  Things happen next will be disastrous if there is any malware or some other kind of virus attached to that link.

Deep Web Facts 7 – When we said you could buy anything on the deep web, it not only filled with the drugs, guns or weapons. It also has some truly odd and weird stuff too. You can even get statutes, symbols, child spirits from the abortions and miscarriages.

Deep Web Facts 8 – The deep web is mostly used for selling and buying drugs and weed is the most popular thing that changes hand on the regular basis. The most significant supplier of weed is in the Netherlands.

Deep Web Facts 9 – There are forums on the deep web which teach you how to “Chat with the dead.” The price list of the hitman on the deep web states: “20.000 euro – ordinary person” and “100.000 euro – High-rank Govt. Official.”

Deep Web Facts 10 – The government doesn’t want to stop the deep web as it was a thriving economic system and it will be a too much time-consuming process.

These are the top 10 interesting facts about Deep Web that you never heard before. For further queries about Deep Web Facts, please comment below.

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