Deep Web Links for Social Networks

The deep web links are where companies and others keep information that they need to protect. It’s what’s behind all those firewalls that businesses and governments put up to keep you out of their data.

The dark web is a part of the Internet that hides not only your data but your identity and location and can only be accessed with a browser such as Tor. You can access all of the same major sites that are out there, plus a few more that you’d rather not do. A lot of buying and selling of everything illegal and then some. There are some whistleblower sites that trade info with each other, but they are hard to find.

To make it easy for you have collected some of the links.

Social Networks – Deep Web Links

Galaxy2 – http://w363zoq3ylux5rf5.onion

MultiVerse Social Network – http://imwkdn62pvr6jueo.onion

NonCore – http://f7xvwjdym4cb5zl5.onion

TorBook – http://torbookntnjusnqd.onion

Blackbook – http://blkbook3fxhcsn3u.onion

The Uncensored Social – http://uncensor576gcmsi.onion

Diaspora – http://c62bejwho55ketsi.onion

DoubleDutch Diaspora – http://i2f4wczq2mzghxll.onion

Weasel – http://weasylartw55noh2.onion

DogShit – https://facebookcorewwwi.onion

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