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The Deep Web Wiki is the Wikipedia of the Deep Dark Web. Get to know all the Deep Web stuff in this article. In brief, Deep Web or the Dark Web is the hidden content on the internet that is not indexed by the traditional search engines. The contents are made hidden behind the HTML forms and are made accessible to special browsers and search engines like Tor (What is TOR Browser? How to use Tor Browser?). Famous computer scientist Michael K. Bergman coined the term Deep Web in 2001. But the Deep Web is usually called by various terms such as Dark Web, Deep Dark Web, Hidden Web, Hidden Wiki, Onion Web, etc.

Size of Deep Web

In practice, it is difficult to measure the size of the deep web and also difficult to estimate the size of the Deep Web. It is because most of the information in the Deep Web is hidden. Estimates of the Deep Web measures 400 to 500 times larger than the surface web. As the information to the Deep Web keeps added day by day, the Deep Web Wiki is growing exponentially at a rate that cannot be calculated.

Deep Web Wiki

Deep Web Wiki

A study was done at University of California, Berkeley in 2001 reveals that the Deep Web consists of about 7.5 petabytes. Even more accurate results estimate the resources of the Deep Web and reported around 300,000 Deep Web Sites on the web as of 2004, out of which 14,000 Deep Web sites existed in the Russian part of the Internet in 2006. It has been a decade since the estimates have been done. So the current amount of data the Deep Web holds could be unimaginable

Financial Services – Deep Web Wiki

The following Deep Web links from the Deep Web Wiki has the currencies, banks, markets, money exchanges, clearing houses, etc.:

  • The Green Machine! Forum type marketplace with the oldest and most experienced vendors around. Get your PayPal, CCs, etc.
  • The Paypal Cent Get Paypal accounts with good balances. Also, buy some, and fix your financial situation for awhile.
  • Premium Cards Oldest cc vendor, Top quality Us & Eu credit cards!
  • Euphoric Oblivion Risk-Free Pre-Paid cards for sale.
  • DreamWeavers Offering high-quality prepaid products for a great deal.
  • Hidden Wallet – Tor Anonymous Hidden Bitcoin Wallet.
  • Paypal Bazaar – PayPal accounts for sale.
  • Cash Machine – Phished PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, BoA, Wells Fargo Bank Accounts, Paysafecard’s, US & EU Credit cards are available here.
  • Shadow Wallet – An Anonymous User-Friendly Bitcoin Wallet/Mixer – Highly Regarded Service.
  • SOL’s USD Counterfeits – High Quality 20 USD Counterfeit Notes – Trusted Service.
  • OnionWallet – Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundry
  • The Queen of Cards – #1 Female Carding Forum for CCs, Pre-Paid, WU, MG, Bank & PayPal Transfers, Since 2011!!
  • Wall Street – Paypal accounts, credit cards, we have everything!!
  • Cheap Euros – 20€ Counterfeit bills. Unbeatable prices!!
  • Paypal-Coins – Buy a PayPal account and receive the balance in your bitcoin wallet.
  • EasyCoin – Bitcoin Wallet with free Bitcoin Mixer.
  • Bitiply! Multiply Your Bitcoins Through Bitcoin Malleability Exploit!
  • Clone CC Crew – No.1 Trusted onion site for Cloned Credit Card. $2000/$5000 balance available.
  • SOL’s Euro Counterfeits – 50€ Counterfeit notes. Quality + Best Prices.
  • Double your Bitcoins – Service that doubles your Bitcoins.
  • Credit Cards – Credit Cards, from the most Trusted Vendor in the union.Fast shipping.
  • Your C.Card Shop – Physical credit cards with the High balance available to order. Paypal or bitcoins as payment methods.
  • NetAuth – Automatic system to buy Paypal accounts and credit cards instantly in your e-mail. Socks5 included.
  • USJUD Counterfeits – EUR || USD Counterfeit money, any trusted escrow accepted, the most trusted seller.
  • 7YearsinTibet Fully automated PayPal & Credit card market site. Fresh stock every 2 days. Best deals.
  • Low Balance CC’s Get cheap low balance cards.
  • Skimmed Cards Oldest seller on old HW. Fresh stock. 99.9% safe. Worldwide cashout! Express shipping. Escrow.
  • Guttenbergs Print – Finest USD/EUR bills on market. Passes all known tests. Random serials. Only top-notch currency.
  • Black&White Cards – Black&White Cards – High-Quality Pre-Paid Debit Cards with PIN. Good Customer Service. Best Deals.
  • Cash Lords – Buy Pre-Shredded USD & EURO Currency for a fraction of the value. #1 Seller in Genuine USD Notes.

Commercial Services – Deep Web Wiki

Domain Services – Deep Web Wiki

  • Readable Domains Selling readable onion domain names, use this link to search readable onion domains and share your best finds on readable onions.

Blogs / Essays / Wikis – Deep Web Wiki

  • Tor Metrics – Welcome to Tor Metrics, the primary place to learn interesting facts about the Tor network, the largest deployed anonymity network to date. If something can be measured safely, you’ll find it here.
  • Beneath VT – Information on the steam tunnels at Virginia Tech.
  • KavkazCenter — A Middle East news provider, multiple languages.
  • Jiskopedia – A multilingual Wikipedia for Tor and I2P networks.  
  • French Hidden Wiki v2 — A wiki in French, français.
  • Eros Eroy Modzincy – Just a Personal Onion WordPress Site.
  • Zilion 2.0 – Blog de reflexão de um Brasileiro
  • Teczkohen – Polish imageboard
  • Hotel Tor Previously known as TorBox
  • Polska Ukryta Wiki – polski odpowiednik THW.

Social Networks – Deep Web Wiki

  • BlackBook – Social media site (The Facebook of TOR)
  • Galaxy 2 – A revival of the old Galaxy community.
  • Facebook – The real Facebook’s Onion domain. Claim not to keep logs. Trust them at your peril
  • Moneybook The dark web Facebook of money. Now with anon posting.
  • Truth & Light Need help? We are here to help the best we can for anyone in need.

Forums / Boards / Chans – Deep Web Wiki

  • The Stock Insiders – How to Beat Wall Street. The community for exchanging Insider Information about the Publicly Traded Companies.
  • Hidden Answers a site for asking questions and receiving answers on Tor.
  • The Intel Exchange – Know or need to know something? Ask and share at this underground intelligence gathering network. (New Board. Much Better) (2013-08-11 UTC Appears that admins have ditched?)
  • Flashlight forum An info beam in the dark web
  • Anonymous BBSgopher interfacetelnet interface – Another variation of the talks style of board.
  • InserTor Tor Pastebin clone. Create new paste, share code, share the news. Public and Private pastes. Create encrypted paste (encrypted button only with java on) or paste with a time limit (also burn on reading!)
  • Simple Pastebin – Very simple Tor free Pastebin.

Political Advocacy – Deep Web Wiki

Hack/Phreak/Anarchy/Warez/Virus/Crack – Deep Web Wiki

Hack, Phreak, Anarchy (internet), Warez, Virus, Crack

  • HeLL Forum – HeLL Reloaded is back!
  • TCF – Tor Carding Forums + Market.
  • RelateList – New era of intelligence.
  • Spartan’s Dark Rift – Hacking, cracking, conspiracy and more plus a nightly deep web crawl and connection test for onion sites. Check out the downloads section for a growing collection of underground private documents.
  • Digital Gangster – Hacking database with exploits, leaks, dumps, papers, hashes.
  • BitSwiper — Steal Bitcoins Like A Boss Ninja! (Free limited trial version available)

Audio – Music / Streams – Deep Web Wiki

Video – Movies / TV – Deep Web Wiki

  • Torflix – Watch Tv series over Tor
  • FileTor – A Well organised Anime, Movie and TV Show Index

Books – Deep Web Wiki

Drugs – Deep Web Wiki

  • Dream Market – Biggest marketplace with full working escrow
  • Drug Market – Anonymous marketplace for all kinds of drugs
  • Green Road – Biggest marketplace with full working escrow.
  • ONION PHARMA – Pharmacy Marketplace. PSY, Stimulants, Opioids, Ecstasy and more.
  • Weed&Co – Weed / Cigarettes … Prix Bas / Low Price … weed cigarette
  • CannabisUK – UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier
  • MOM4Europe Mail Order Marijuana – Order organic weed from Netherlands directly from the source
  • EuCanna – ‘First Class Cannabis Healthcare’ – Medical Grade Cannabis Buds, Rick Simpson Oil, Ointments and Creams
  • Peoples Drug Store – The Darkweb’s Best Online Drug Supplier
  • Smokeables – Finest Organic Cannabis shipped from the USA
  • CannabisUK – UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier
  • DeDope – German Weed and Hash shop (Bitcoin)
  • EU Drugstore – Best EU Store Ever
  • BitPharma – EU vendor for cocaine, speed, mdma, psychedelics and subscriptions
  • Brainmagic – Best psychedelii
  • NLGrowers – Coffee Shop grade Cannabis from the Netherlands
  • OnionShop – New anonymous and secure marketplace selling drugs, weapons
  • Drugstore – Marketplace with a wide range of drugs! (escrow)
  • The Pot Shop – Weed and Pot Shop Trading for longer than a year now! (Bitcoin) -UPGRADED DOMAIN.
  • EU Cocaine – selling Cocaine, Meth and Heroin(Bitcoin)
  • Weed Store – well-known deep web store selling high quality weed
  • Steroid King – All the steroids you need. (Bitcoin)
  • Wacky Weed – Hi Quality Green at Wacky Prices
  • Dream Market – Biggest marketplace with full working escrow

Adult – Deep Web Wiki

  • Madama libreygratis cl 200000+ videos from sites like pornhub, redtube, xhamster, xvideos, etc… And new videos are added hourly!

Erotica – Deep Web Wiki

  • Darkscandals Site with real Rape, Blackmail and Forced videos (Pack 7 is out since February 12, 2017).

Noncommercial (E)

Commercial (E)

Animal Related – Deep Web Wiki

Other – Deep Web Wiki

  • TelAvivService – Professional anonymous global goods partners.
  • VOR-COM Archive – Archive of the VOR-COM. Contains vore!
  • Madman File Storage Archives of illegal/miscellaneous (censored) files, such as guides for making methamphetamine, suicidal how to’s and more. Anonymous users can submit files. Also a tor link directory. [temporarily down/empty for renovation]

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