Deep Web Security Guide for Beginners & Advanced Deep Web Users

Deep Web Security Guide: Deep Web is a hidden part of the internet which cannot be indexed by standard web engines. There is a flip side of the deep web which looks murkier and sometimes, darker (Dark web). Often, contents of the deep web or dark web can be accessed if you use special browsers which helps you to peel away the onion-like layers of the dark web. You have to follow specific rules & regulations while accessing the deep web. Because accessing the deep web contents may lead to a sentence. So check out below to know the deep web security guide for beginners, medium and advanced users.

Deep Web Security Guide

Deep Web Security Guide

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Deep Web Security Guide for Beginners

  • Cover your Webcam by using black tape or unplug your webcam from the desktop.
  • Create a second identity which you can use them all over the deep web.
  • Don’t provide any of your personal information for your second identity.
  • Use Anonymous email service for account creation in darknet markets.
  • Before accessing the deep web, make sure to close all the programs running on your device.
  • The deep websites are powered by high-level domains of .onion URLs. Hence you must use Deep Web browsers to access those URLs.

Deep Web Security Guide for Medium & Advanced Deep Web Users

  • Check regularly, whether there are any updates are available on Tor Browser. Stay updated with the Tor network to get the latest updates as soon as they are available.
  • Verify whether Javascript is enabled or disabled on Tor Browser. If it is enabled, then disable them to access the deep web safely.
  • Before accessing any deep web links, you must use either “New Tor Circuit” or “New Identity.”

Shortcut for New Identity: CTRL + SHIFT + U

Shortcut for New Tor Circuit: CTRL + SHIFT + L


  • If any website offers two-factor authentication, make sure to use it.
  • The deep websites must be accessed only on the trusted devices. Don’t use other’s phone or laptop or desktop to access hidden links.
  • Before starting Tor Browser, you must run a secured VPN to hide your real IP address. If you want to know which is the best VPN, then check out Best VPN 2018. (If you are accessing the dark web on your home internet, you must use a VPN router).

These are the security rules that you have to follow while accessing the Deep web. For further queries about Deep Web Security Guide, lets us know in the comment box located below.

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