What is Darknet Marketplace? A Complete List of Darknet Marketplaces

The Darknet Marketplace is a commercial website on the web which operated through the Darknets like Tor or I2P. These Marketplaces works primarily as black markets where the selling and transactions of drugs, weapons, cyber-arms, stolen credit card details, unlicensed pharmaceuticals, forged documents, steroids and other illegal products. If you want to use this Darknet Marketplace, then you need to double up your security by combining the use of good VPN with Tor browser. You must use a VPN with Tor to increase the security, as the feds have been applying several ways to de-anonymize the Tor users. You can check out how to use Tor with VPN security.

List of Top 10 Darknet Marketplace

There are several Marketplaces available in deep web, and we listed out the top 10 Darknet Marketplace available on the internet.

1. Alphabay


AlphaBay Market is an online deep web market operating through the Tor network. It was officially launched on December 22, 2014, and it saw a steady growth with 14,000 users in the first 90 days of launch. AlphaBay is unique in the world of Darknet Marketplace for accepting the another cryptocurrency in the supplement to Bitcoin.

Darknet Marketplace


2. Silk Road


Silk Road is an online black market and the first modern dark web market, known for selling illegal drugs. It was run as a Tor hidden service. Hence the online users can browse it anonymously and securely without any potential traffic monitoring.

Darknet Marketplace

Silk Road

3. Dream Market


Dream Market is a regular escrow darknet marketplace and has been working since the later part of 2013.

Darknet Marketplace

Dream Market

4. Crypto Market


Crypto Market is an another escrow marketplace known for selling various legal and illegal items. There are 4.2 thousand items are available on Crypto Market and over half of those are drug related items. Other listings contain accounts, software, digital data and even e-books.

Darknet Marketplace

Crypto Market



RAMP or Russian Anonymous Marketplace is a Russian language forum with users selling a variety of drugs on the Deep Web.

Darknet Marketplace


6. Valhalla


Valhalla is one of the longest running Darknet Marketplace on the Deep Web. Valhalla, previously known as Silkkitie is mostly drug oriented and also other kinds of stuff.

Darknet Marketplace


7. Hansa


Hansa Market is the Deeb web market which owns of its extreme safety measures; it even goes so far as to declare that there is no possibility of anyone running away with customers bitcoins, So it’s immune to exit-scam.

Darknet Marketplace


8. Dr. D’s Darknet Marketplace


Dr. D’s is a new version of Mr. Nice Guy Market. Dr. D’s market is mainly drug related market with almost half of the listings being drugs. The only way to register, as a seller or as a buyer, is through the referral link. It also offers escrow payment system.

Darknet Marketplace

Dr. D’s Darknet Marketplace

9. Python


Python Market is mainly drug-oriented darknet Marketplace, but it also has a lot of guides and tutorials. It’s an escrow market, with a Multisig option. The commission rate is low, and there is also the FE option, which makes the Python Market especially interesting to vendors.

Darknet Marketplace


10. Apple Market


Apple Market is a modern market which offers multisig transactions and escrow payment. The two most dominant categories on this site are drugs and digital items, but there are also weapons, false IDs, and bills.

Darknet Marketplace

Apple Market

These are the top 10 Darknet Marketplace available on the Internet. For further queries about darknet markets, please comment below.

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