Dark Net Market Place – Majestic Garden

Majestic Garden:

The Majestic garden is not completely a dark web market, but it is a forum for psychedelics. The Majestic Garden, however, does something similar to what dark net markets offer through P2P transactions. There are no wallets to be maintained. There’s no need to send deposits to be able to buy something, no fees for upgrading to a vendor/seller account to be able to post items for sale, and no intervention from the site’s admin when buyers and sellers transact.

Dark Net Market Place - Majestic Garden

Majestic Garden

The Majestic Garden Market link URL:


The Majestic Garden Account Registration Onion Link and Forum



  • Psychedelics forum that also serves as a marketplace
  • Facilitates the buying and selling of psychedelics through P2P transactions or by directing buyers to the stores or accounts of sellers in established dark net markets
  • Prepare for the information overdose!

How To Access Majestic Garden:

The majestic garden cannot be opened by the regular browser instead you need TOR browser to access majestic garden market link.

Tor browser enables you to stay safe in the deep web. No one can track your location. In addition to the Tor browser, you also have to use a VPN security, PGP, and bitcoins (or other cryptocurrency supported by a vendor). The Majestic Garden may look like just an ordinary forum, but you still have to make sure that your activities on the site are not going to be tracked or monitored. That’s why you have to use a VPN service and learn how to use PGP encryption/decryption as well as bitcoins for sending or receiving payments. PGP encryption/decryption enables anonymous chats or communication between buyers and sellers. The use of Bitcoins, on the other hand, allows anonymous but reliable payments.

Dark Net Market Place - Majestic Garden

Majestic Garden

Account Registration and Login:

  • You need to enter your email address, username, and password. Please make sure that you didn’t give any of your email ids because it may give away to find your detail.
  • You should be able to complete the registration process in 10 seconds or so. You will not be required to do email verification.
  • Once you have your account, what you get is just a forum account. It’s not a buyer or vendor account. There is no distinction between accounts. All newly registered accounts have the same features.
  • When logging in, notice that the login form includes a section where you can specify how long you intend to be the site (how long before you get automatically disconnected by the site), but you can choose to remain always signed. We got curious, so we tried this feature, and it appears the site will automatically log you off after the set time lapses.
Dark Net Market Place - Majestic Garden

Majestic Garden

Similar Marketplaces in Deep Web,

Majestic Garden Account Interface and Functions:

  • As mentioned, The Majestic Garden is a psychedelics forum so upon logging in, expects to find a forum interface. It’s not the usual dark net market site so if you have been used to dealing with the interface of a darknet market or a darknet vendor shop, expect something unique here.
  • The setup of the messaging system here is different from what you may be accustomed to in dark net markets since the forum itself is the messaging system. There is, however, a private messaging feature to allow you to communicate with other users. Also, there are PGP keys presented on the site.
Dark Net Market Place - Majestic Garden

TOR Browser

Forum Topics:

General Discussion – Thread with the most number of posts. It features a wide variety of subjects related to psychedelics, recreational drugs in general, and dark net markets.

Markets…. What’s Hot, What’s Not – Good resource for new information about psychedelics and active markets

Safety & Awareness – Discussions on how to safely buy and use psychedelics. Use VPN Security for additional security.

Avengers Information, Comments & Discussions – Features threads on LSD, psilocybin, MDMA/MDA, cannabis, MDT, 2C-B, and non-classical psychedelics. It includes a section for products requested.

Chemistry Department – This is not a very popular group of threads, but you may find something useful. Also, features “DIY for dummies.”

Psychedelic Education Resource Centre – Group of threads featuring psychedelic literature, poetry, and websites in the clear net (regular internet/not the darknet) featuring useful information and resources related to psychedelics.

Spiritual Topics – There’s a thread here that features life experiences of psychedelic users and also provides a thread for those who are seeking advice.

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