BKA Stopped Darknet Child Abuse Forum

On Past Few Days, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt stated German law enforcement investigated a darknet child abuse forum known as “Elysium.” Between the period of December 2016 and July 2017, The Elysium forum had attracted nearly 87,000 members. The prosecutor’s office announced that law enforcement removed the forum and arrested several priority suspects on July 6. The Federal Criminal Police Office raided an apartment which belongs to a 39-year-old male in the Limburg-Weilburg district on June 12. While raising his apartment, the BKA found the server which hosted the Child Abuse Forum. The authorities ended the administrator and the forum in one fell swoop.

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Child abuse forum

Elysium Child abuse forum

The authorities said Elysium Forum is similar to the other forums on the darknet marketplace. Previously, the authorities conducted a raid against the owners and admins of the Underground economy forums in the year 2016. On the press release, the officials said: “The investigations are carried against the suspected operators and users of various German-speaking UE forums, on which illegal items like weapons, narcotics, fake official IDs, counterfeit money, and stolen credit cards. In addition to these, the targets involved criminal services, such as the infection of computer systems with the malware or DDoS attacks, tutorials and illegal streaming services.

On their raid of 69 houses, the BKA seized drugs, computers, illegal weapons, money, and servers. They also succeeded in seizing the several servers in the countries such as France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Russia, where the illegal Deep web marketplaces were operated. With the 39-year-old admin who owned the Child Abuse Forum, the BKA also arrested 17 suspects from various places. Three, not counting the original admin, was detained in Germany. And 14, all of them alleged users of the site, were held in Austria.

Child abuse forum

Child abuse forum

The police said, the child abuse forum, Elysium, hosted “bizarre content“. A sense of seriousness was required as the site promoted “severe sexual abuse” and “serious sexual violence” against the children. Some of the arrested suspects were accused of supporting the distribution of child abuse material on the darknet, but some committed acts of sexual advise against children themselves. At the District Court of Giessen, the 39-year-old admin of child abuse forum was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his activities in spreading the child abuse material in the deep web.

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