Top 20 Bitcoin Facts Everyone Should Know | Facts about Bitcoin

In recent years, the demand of Bitcoin has been exploding in value and attention of media. Bitcoin is a form of “digital currency” which is created and held electronically on the internet. Bitcoins are not a paper money like dollars, euro, RUB or yen by central banks. It is a decentralised cryptocurrency produced by the peoples around the world by using their advanced computer software. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first person to introduce Bitcoin as a payment method based on mathematics. Bitcoin users can purchase millions of legal items on the straight and narrow with the controversial cryptocurrency. If your interest is topped and wants to learn more about Bitcoin Facts, we bring you the list of top 20 impressive facts about bitcoins.

Bitcoin Facts

Bitcoin Facts

Top 20 Bitcoin Facts Everyone Should Know

There are several numerous numbers of Bitcoin Facts are available, but we listed out the top 20 interesting bitcoin facts.

1. As of October 21, 2017, The mysterious legend of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto owns nearly $5.9 Billion in Bitcoins only and 2015; he was nominated for the Noble Prize in Economic Sciences.

2. Any entity or Government will not control the Bitcoin currency. As of September 2017, nearly 16.5M bitcoins ate in the circulation.

3. The top 1000 bitcoin addresses control almost 34.28% of total bitcoins in circulation.

4. Blockchain (Bitcoin Wallet) has raised $40M from Google Ventures and Richard Branson.

5. Between March 2015 to February 2017, the fees for the bitcoin transactions are raised up by the 1289%.

6. In 2015, 802 citizens in the USA had filed taxes on the Bitcoin income.

7. The Chinese mining pools control nearly 81% of the bitcoin network’s corporate hash rate.

8. The new block of coins will be solved in every 10 minutes.

9. The cryptographic hash function used in bitcoin address creation is SHA256.

10. In 2016, the 4000th bitcoin was donated to the Wikileaks. By September 2017, it reached 4024 BTC.

Facts About Bitcoin

Facts About Bitcoin

11. There is no place for refunds in Bitcoin transactions. In 2016, a bitcoiner accidentally transacted $137,000 instead of $5 with no way of retrieving it.

12. As per the source, nearly 17M bitcoins are expected to be used in next ten years.

13. As the studies, the 21M bitcoin limit will be reached in the year 2140.

14. In Japan, the bitcoins will be accepted in 300,000 stores.

15. One Bitcoin transaction consumes nearly 3,994 times more energy than the credit card transaction.

16. In January 2018, Switzerland will accept the taxes in Bitcoin.

17. North America has nearly 75% of the World’s Bitcoin Atm’s.

18. The most prominent Bitcoin ATM producers are Genesis Coin with 48.5% and General Bytes with 19.74% of market share.

19. The University of Nicosia, Cyprus was the first university to accept the Bitcoin for the tuition fees.

20. The market cap of bitcoin is $100 billion. It is higher than the GDP of Ukraine’s $93.27 billion.

These are the top 20 bitcoin facts that everyone should know. If you know any interesting Facts about Bitcoin, comment us below.

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