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Bitcoin is the first-ever decentralised digital currency or cryptocurrency created and held electronically. Bitcoin is designed as a medium of exchange which uses the cryptography to manage its creation and management. No-one does control the Bitcoin, and they are created by the people and computers, using the software’s which solves the mathematical problem. Watch the space below for Bitcoin Exchange Rate chart and Bitcoin Value.

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The Bitcoins can be used to purchase things electronically. Initially, Bitcoin is created as a transfer medium to buy illegal stuff on the deep web or darknet. Satoshi Nakamoto, unknown person proposed the idea of bitcoin as an electronic payment system.

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Chart

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Chart

Characteristics of Bitcoin

The main characteristic of Bitcoin are listed below

  • The Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency which cannot be controlled by any central authority.
  • It is very easy to create the Bitcoin account with ease.
  • Bitcoin provides complete anonymous on the transaction and users can use multiple bitcoin addresses for more privacy.
  • The Bitcoin transaction is entirely transparent and every transaction happen in the bitcoin network is a general pattern called Bitcoin Blockchain.
  • The transaction fee in the Bitcoin transaction is very low.
  • Once you finished the process of Bitcoin transaction, there is no way of getting back the bitcoins.

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Reasons behind Bitcoin’s Volatility

The main reasons behind the rise in the value of Bitcoin are

  • The bad press hampers the Rate of adoption.
  • Bitcoin’s perceived value fluctuates frequently.
  • Too much variance in the perceptions of Bitcoin’s store of value and method of value.
  • Few option value to large holders of the currency.
  • News about security breaches makes the investors react.
  • Direct investment of Bitcoin in countries with high inflation.
Bitcoin Exchange Rate Chart | Bitcoin Value

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Chart | Bitcoin Value

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Chart | Bitcoin Value

The value of bitcoin may vary from one country to another country. The bitcoin exchange rate in all countries are tabled below

CountryBitcoin Exchange Value
Afghanistan1,054,698.39 AFN
Albania1,689,785.19 ALL
Armenia7,356,917.31 AMD
Netherland27,104.66 ANG
Angola2,516,462.17 AOA
Argentina287,504.89 ARS
Australia19,296.15 AUD
Aruba27,158.01 AWG
Azerbaijan25,578.63 AZN
Barbados30,270.57 BBD
Bulgaria24,791.76 BGN
Bahrain5,698.84 BHD
Burundi26,604,443.50 BIF
Bermuda15,117.02 BMD
Brunei20,169.81 BND
Brasil48,972.11 BRL
Bahamas15,111.10 BSD
Bhutan960,512.58 BTN
Botswana149,278.18 BWP
Belize30,410.02 BZD
Canada18,789.33 CAD
Congo24,378,938.85 CDF
Switzerland14,829.40 CHF
Chile9,151,227.66 CLP
China98,415.90 CNY
Colombia43,943,162.20 COP
Costa Rica8,565,769.53 CRC
Cape Verde1,395,440.30 CVE
Czech Republic322,630.49 CZK
Djibouti2,699,863.78 DJF
Denmark94,135.00 DKK
Dominican Republic732,335.52 DOP
Algeria1,729,840.12 DZD
Egypt266,298.48 EGP
Ethiopia413,446.49 ETB
Europe12,604.24 EUR
Fiji30,727.45 FJD
Falkland Islands11,119.35 FKP
Georgia38,874.57 GEL
Ghana68,327.00 GHS
Gibraltar11,131.40 GIP
Gambia717,608.82 GMD
Guinea136,176,933.32 GNF
Guatemala111,039.06 GTQ
Guyana3,119,689.43 GYD
Hong Kong117,986.92 HKD
Honduras357,330.75 HNL
Croatia93,961.36 HRK
Haiti987,725.07 HTG
Hungaria3,903,949.83 HUF
Indonesia202,702,910.07 IDR
Israel52,038.04 ILS
India961,007.27 INR
Iraq18,026,155.23 IQD
Iceland1,583,226.44 ISK
Jersey11,159.42 JEP
Jamaica1,875,115.87 JMD
Jordan10,706.82 JOD
Japan1,702,776.62 JPY
Kenya1,557,373.92 KES
Cambodia60,970,998.42 KHR
Comoros6,187,950.87 KMF
South Korea16,134,553.63 KRW
Kuwaiti4,549.20 KWD
Cayman Islands12,588.37 KYD
Kazakhstan4,988,323.62 KZT
Lebanon22,847,964.30 LBP
Sri Lanka2,321,190.08 LKR
Liberia1,894,978.84 LRD
Lesotho188,384.32 LSL
Libya20,482.65 LYD
Morocco141,713.25 MAD
Moldova257,853.34 MDL
Madagascar48,931,337.29 MGA
Macedonia771,563.65 MKD
Myanmar20,352,727.86 MMK
Mongolia36,695,605.36 MNT
Macau122,215.49 MOP
Mauritania5,369,747.86 MRO
Mauritius507,537.19 MUR
Maldives233,549.69 MVR
Malawi11,014,583.24 MWK
Mexica292,266.90 MXN
Malaysia60,793.70 MYR
Mozambique893,980.38 MZN
Namibia188,184.15 NAD
Nigeria5,453,051.24 NGN
Nicaragua467,405.89 NIO
Norway122,512.80 NOK
Nepal1,540,892.76 NPR
New Zealand21,122.97 NZD
Oman5,832.09 OMR
Panama15,150.10 PAB
Peru48,564.75 PEN
Papua New Guinea48,830.54 PGK
Philippines760,690.24 PHP
Pakistan1,672,485.59 PKR
Paraguay85,220,502.64 PYG
Qatar54,984.36 QAR
Romania58,983.21 RON
Serbia1,501,567.58 RSD
Russia864,949.85 RUB
Rwanda13,019,741.35 RWF
Saudi Arabia56,770.59 SAR
Solomon Islands118,377.88 SBD
Seychelles203,399.86 SCR
Sweden124,464.11 SEK
Singapore20,227.51 SGD
Sierra Leone115,955,917.83 SLL
Somalia8,763,371.65 SOS
Suriname 112,839.54 SRD
Thailand488,396.40 THB
Tajikistan133,686.73 TJS
Turkmenistan52,954.82 TMT
Tunisia37,586.15 TND
Tonga34,301.70 TOP
Turkish56,821.93 TRY
Taiwan447,817.58 TWD
Tanzania33,972,924.45 TZS
Ukraine 426,976.84 UAH
Uganda55,452,775.90 UGX
USA15,136.97 USD
Uruguay433,732.26 UYU
Uzbekistan123,305,000.77 UZS
Venezuela151,795.81 VEF
Vietnam343,695,233.27 VND
Vanuatu1,611,549.69 VUV
Samoa38,418.93 WST
Yemen3,789,262.56 YER
South Africa188,347.93 ZAR
Zambia152,645.80 ZMW
Zimbabwe4,883,983.88 ZWL

(Note: The values mentioned above will vary on every minute).

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