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Alphabay Market:

The alphabay market is one of the well know deep web market sites. Deep web markets sold both legal and illegal products. This is four times bigger than other competitor markets. You can access these markets only by Tor browser. The payment for this market is by cash and Bitcoins. These payments are done via Escrow system this system ensures the anonymity and safety of buyers. AlphaBay transacting funds are temporarily put on hold in the Escrow system until the customer’s confirmation of receiving the product goods.

Alphabay Market -Deep Web Market Links

Alphabay Market

How To Access Alphabay Market?

  • Before accessing deep web market, you should close down all your social network sites, mail, and other personal sites. It is to prevent tracking down your location. Then follow the steps
  • By using a VPN, you can protect yourself against hacks and remain anonymous and hidden.
  • Best VPN service
  • By using a good VPN service, you are getting more safety and anonymity. VPN helps you to assign your IP address that thousands of other peoples are using it at the same time. If you Tor network fails to protect your anonymity VPN does.

The free VPN services do not work properly, so it is essential to choose VPN security correctly.

Alphabay Market -Deep Web Market Links

Alphabay Market

The Best VPN Service Must Contain

  • No logs(no logging of your VPN usage)
  • Compatible and tested with TOR
  • Speed
  • Bitcoin as optional payment
  • Large selection of countries to connect to
  • Tier*1 VPN services are preferable
Alphabay Market -Deep Web Market Links

Alphabay Market – Darknet Markets


Close down everything on your computer like social media sites(facebook, twitter, etc.,) emails and other personal sites. These help you from tracking down your location.

Setup your VPN: Connect to the server location where you are not living. Don’t log into your own country. Also, don’t link to the location which you gave previously

TOR Browser: Download Tor browser and then open it copy and paste the alphaBay market URL. ALPHA BAY MARKET URL – http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/

Register: It is necessary to register your information on your account before visiting the Alphabay market site. Select your Username and Password but make sure that never used before. After that, a six digit pin will be given to protect your Bitcoins wallet. Don’t give any information that links you and the alpha Bay market personal.

PGP Key: At last, there is a PGP key field you need to enter PGP key on that. This PGP key is to encrypt your information like the messages and information that you are communicating between AlphaBay market personal.
After you entered all these details, you will be redirected to the market home page. Check all your info and bitcoin wallet.

Safety Tips on Alphabay Market

  • Cover your microphone
  • Cover your web camera
  • Stop having your cell phone in the room when you are doing or talking about anything shady
  • Use VPN Security all of the time, on your mobile devices and your computers
  • Follow the Security Guide for Deep Web Users
  • Use a password safe program to manage your usernames and passwords that are not online/cloud based
Alphabay Market -Deep Web Market Links

Take safety measures before accessing Deep Web

Now you are ready to surf on AlphaBay market

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Filter: Filter the products and choose appropriate product among them.

Search Then search your defined product on the list

Choosing Vendors: It important to choose the provider correctly because many fraud vendors are also in the AlphaBay market. See the reviews of the vendors. If no reviews are, there ask a question about the seller in Reddit forum this forum is only for deep web related

Buy and Sell Bitcoins: You can buy Bitcoin for your business purpose. Check your wallet for the current bitcoins You can purchase the product from vendors by using bitcoins.

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